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2023 Annual Letter

Friends ~ Thank you for a terrific year. We're privileged to serve you and look forward to doing so throughout 2024!

Please see below for a few highlights; areas of focus for us in 2024; and a small token of our appreciation (15% OFF all details).

Enjoy the long weekend with friends and family. All our best.

~ Your DCW Team

2023 Highlights

(1) On-site Investments. We invested significantly in DCW. And while we're not done (see below!) we're happy with the material improvements. In particular, we hope y'all have noticed the impact of ultra-premium soaps, including Turtle Wax ceramics applied to nearly all vehicles. While not inexpensive for us to provide (and therefore unavailable at most other local car washes), high-end chemistry is the right thing to do for the vehicles we serve. Benefits include, but are not limited to, paint protection; longer lasting shine; and scratch defense.

(2) Training. We sent three of DCW's team to Majestic's C.A.R.E. Tech college in October. Professional development opportunities are unfortunately scarce in the car wash industry. Few companies believe in re-investing in their team like "white collar" companies. That's foolish. Our team is our greatest asset and we're eager to support their growth.

If you haven't already, we'd recommend booking a Signature Detail to see what Jaime, Santiago, or the rest of the team is capable of doing. It's remarkable.

(3) Team Promotions. In the vein of professional development, we are also thrilled to announce Jaime's promotion to Assistant General Manager. Many of you have known Jaime for 10+ years. He's an amazing talent and a steward to the culture we seek to continue building every day. Please congratulate him next time you see him at the wash!

(4) Unlimited Plans. We started 2023 with zero subscribers. Today, we have 200+. With access to unlimited car washes, material discounts on details, and free windshield washer fluid replacement, we strongly believe it's one of the best deals in Charlotte. Expect more benefits to come in 2024. Thank you to our members!

2024 Areas of Focus

(1) Continued Re-Investment. Starting February (hopefully!), you'll start seeing some new equipment to improve wash efficiency. We're fortunate to be a popular destination in a growing city. But that can lead to periods of peak demand with slower-than-desirable interior wash times. Said differently, we need to speed up.

Our vacuum system is 10+ years old. And while she's a nice relic of a different's time for something better! Coupled with new chemical tire applicators and state-of-the-art dryers, we're focused on improving efficiency while reducing the demands on the team (cleaning a Yukon ain't easy!). Progress won't be linear but we're committing to improving 1% each day to compound growth over the year.

(2) Expanding Benefits to Unlimited Plan Members. We believe in scale economies shared. As we hopefully continue to grow, our intention is to increasingly share benefits with everybody, but particularly those on Unlimited Plans.

One new benefit about which we're particularly excited is free windshield wiper fluid replacements. If you're on an Unlimited Plan and in need, simply ask any DCW team member to top off your windshield wiper fluid and we'll take care of it from there.

(3) Community Support. Our owners live ~5 minutes from the wash and, in prior lives, have been active supporting Charlotte-based philanthropies. In particular, we believe upward mobility, or lack thereof, is an acute need with a high ROI. Accordingly, we're thrilled to support two amazing Charlotte-based organizations: Heart Math Tutoring and Charlotte Bilingual Preschool. 5% of all sales on the first Saturday of each month will go to Heart and CBP.

Finally, our small Thank You gift. Please enjoy 15% OFF all details through January 31, 2024.

Reserve your appointment online with the below discount code to save 15%.


Again, thank you for a wonderful year. We look forward to seeing you at the wash soon!

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